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Ricky Ray preaching at First Baptist Church

I teach Christians to accurately understand the Bible so that they can see the real Jesus.

I Bring the Bible to Life.

Pastor Ricky Ray is not just any speaker, he is a preacher, motivational keynote speaker, and author, dedicated to sharing hope and encouragement with those who are struggling. With 37 years of preaching experience, Dr. Ray has earned a respected and trusted reputation in the Christian community. He focuses on faith, grace, and a clear understanding of God's word, helping individuals deepen their relationship with Jesus and find peace even in the toughest of times. Ricky's preaching style is described as inspirational, motivational, and Christ-centered, making complex biblical passages easy to understand. His message emphasizes the love and grace that Jesus offers to everyone. Through his speaking engagements, books, and other resources, Ricky Ray is a powerful force for good, touching the lives of countless people with his message of hope and redemption.

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About Ricky

Pastor Ricky Ray’s passion for sharing the message of Jesus Christ began early in life, and he has dedicated his career to helping people understand and apply the teachings of the Bible in practical ways.


Despite the trauma of sexual abuse by his step-grandfather, Ricky Ray's focus on faith, grace, and a clear understanding of God's word has enabled him to find peace and healing. Through his own journey of forgiveness and overcoming, he has become a powerful advocate for those who have experienced sexual abuse, offering them hope and support on their own path to healing. His message of forgiveness and the transformative power of faith has helped many individuals deepen their spiritual connection and find peace in the face of difficult times.


But his commitment to helping those in need is not just talk, he has put his own safety on the line, bravely pulling two pit bulls off a young man, sacrificing his own well-being to save a precious soul. This attack left him scarred for life, but it only deepened his connection with those around him who are hurting, trapped, and in need of a Savior.


As a speaker, he is a gifted communicator, weaving intricate biblical passages into simple threads of understanding. His messages are Christ-centered, emphasizing the love and grace that Jesus offers to all.


He is also an accomplished author, with several books to his name, including “Hope for the Hurting,” “Grace for the Guilty,” and “How to Forgive when You Can't Forget.” His writing is a warm embrace of compassion, offering practical advice and guidance for overcoming life's challenges.

Never measure yourself by where you ARE standing. Measure yourself by where you WERE standing.

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Ricky's Talks

Talk Topics
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Your Defining Moment
Grace for the Guilty

A woman was caught in adultery. In the very act. They brought her to Jesus. The humiliation of the event must have bothered Him. Thrown in the midst of the accusers and onlookers, the woman now faces certain death. But Jesus surprises them all. Have you ever been hurt by the crowd...or are you part of the crowd? Then this message is for you.

Living Above the Storms
Faith for the Fearful

Through the trauma of a vicious attack by pit bulls, Pastor Ricky faced life's greatest question: Which is greater, Your Faith or Fear?


Have you ever experienced a situation where you felt like you were in a boat in the middle of a storm, with no way out? Maybe it was a health crisis, a financial struggle, a broken relationship, or a spiritual battle. You felt like you were going to sink, and there was no help in sight. If so, you can relate to the three encounters that Jesus had with his disciples on the three boats, as recorded in the Gospel of Mark. These stories are not only historical events, but also spiritual lessons that apply to our lives today. In this sermon, we will explore the similarities and differences between the three encounters, and discover what they reveal about Jesus, his disciples, and us. So, let's set sail and see what God has in store for us!

Ricky Ray teaching Keynote about Faith and Living above storms pit bull attack sexual assault
Ricky Ray motivational keynote speaker sexual assault marriage retreat seminar convention

How To Forgive
When You Can’t Forget

Hope for the Hurting

By the age of 10, Pastor Ricky's step-grandfather had molested him more than a dozen times. But the pain didn't stop there. When this man died, the family turned to the only preacher in the family to preach the funeral. Faced with the memories of abuse, he stood at the head of the coffin and shared how God heals all hurts.


Through Dr. Ray’s immersive message of forgiveness your people will learn how to forgive, improve relationships, reduce stress and anxiety, and grow personally by the power of God’s presence. By providing practical tips and strategies for working through the forgiveness process, Dr. Ray’s message helps individuals let go of anger and resentment, repair damaged relationships, and become more compassionate and understanding towards others.

Ricky's Testimonials


I heard Ricky speak at a conference, and I was blown away by his presentation. His insights and expertise on the topic were second to none, and he delivered his message with confidence and conviction. I left the event feeling inspired and empowered, and I would highly recommend Ricky as a speaker for any event. A true inspiration and a shining example of what it means to live a life of purpose, passion, and faith.

Mike Gilkey 
Shelter Insurance Agent




Phone: 606.233.4608

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